Beatport DJs Now In Open Beta

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Beatport has finally jumped on the social media band wagon with 'Beatport DJs'. Rumours of Beatport launching some sort of DJ community site have been circulating since early last year but now rumour has become reality as 'Beatport DJs' is currently in open beta.
I had the opportunity to create my page and I have to say it was incredibly easy. I selected my username, password, uploaded a photo and that's pretty much it. The page itself consists of 6 sub sections: Charts, Events, Play, Videos, Soundcloud Link & Comments. The standout for me is the charts section, finally DJs will have the opportunity to post their very own Charts. To me this is what sold it, there is something pure and organic about getting music suggestions from people with no hidden agenda or bias. For me the best tracks always come from a friend or colleague's suggestion and not a sponsored link. So head on over to Beatport and see for yourself, but don't forget to check out my profile & slammin' Spring Cleaning Chart.



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