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Saturday, 2 November 2013

             The Traktor Kontrol X1 mk2 has introduced some new and exciting control options including the all new touch strip and touch sensitive encoders. In order to make room for these additions they have however reduced the number of physical controls and in doing so dropped some features that you may have grown accustomed to on the mk1. The two biggest issues for me are the lack of tempo bend and tempo adjust controls. NI made the decision to move the tempo bend or ‘nudge’ function over to the touch strip, now I really enjoy using the strip for FX and loops but I find when it comes to adjusting the phase of a mix it lacks the precision of a physical button. 

               Inspired by DJTT community member despo’s DJ DAVIDE'S X1 MK2 LOOP EDIT MAPPING I decided to use the touch sensitive browse (center) encoder as a modifier to allow for tempo controls. Simply touch the x1’s center encoder and the hotcue buttons for both decks will turn orange, dark orange for hotcues 1 & 2 and light orange for hotcues 3 & 4. While touching the encoder, hotcues 1 & 2 act as tempo bend buttons while 3 & 4 control tempo adjust, once you let go of the encoder they return to normal hotcue functionality. I took the concept one step further by adding a phase meter to the 4 LEDs on the FX buttons on either side of the unit: left side for the phase of the track playing in deck A and right side for the phase of the track playing in deck B, this not only provides some visual feedback to help get your mix in phase but also looks pretty damn cool. 

Download Kontrol X1mk2 Tempo Control Map .tsi 


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