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Tuesday, 13 March 2012
Does This Make You Uncomfortable???


       Enough is enough! We are DJs for f*%$ sake, we make people dance for a living. Can someone please explain to me how we became so jaded and snobby that we are now openly judging
our peers based on the medium with which they choose to practice their craft???

         I started DJing in the late 90s so I am perfectly comfortable mixing on CD or vinyl and still I choose to incorporate a controller (or 2),  why you ask?  Because I do! and I don't feel I have to justify that any more than a musician does his instrument. Don't get me wrong I understand the fear, the same thought went through my head when I first heard about the dreaded sync button "Oh my god! the skill I've spent the better part of a decade perfecting has been reduced to the push of a button". But then the rational side of my brain kicked back in and reminded me that DJing is about so much more than that... Ask any working DJ and they'll tell you matching beats is the easy part, that can be learned... reading a crowd on the other hand that can't even be taught. What's worse there's even a divide amongst digital DJs. Serato hating on Traktor, how ridiculous is that? I'm sorry matching beats with 2 waveforms lined up side by side to someone with even minimal DJ experience is about as difficult as playing Guitar Hero on medium. and correct me if I'm wrong but dont CDJs display the track BPM? Oh but I'm sure you overt your eyes and mix by ear, because you're a real DJ. If I'm not mistaken it really wasn't that long ago we were listening to the same crap about how DJs on CD players would never be taken seriously... The funniest part is that outside this little clique of DJs, wannabes and tag alongs NOBODY GIVES A S*&%!!! Now listen up because I'm only going to say this once "I don't give a F*&% if you show up to the gig with 2 spoons and a tin can...  If you move the crowd then you're a FUCKING DJ!" Now can we all just get back to making people dance...  


  1. This is so true if i could entertain them with 2 spoons and a lin can i would haha. No bet seriously it is totaly true you cant judje a dj on the base of what tool he is using.



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